Ginfall Event - Christmas 2019

by - December 01, 2019

So I was lucky enough to attend my 3rd Ginfall event this weekend and of course I just had to take some pictures to share with you all, especially with all the Christmas gift sets and stocking fillers available! I absolutely love attending this event as their are always some new distillers and drink ranges to try... it is never the same 2 times in a row!

Having been lucky enough to attend the very first Ginfall event back in March 2018, it is amazing to see how much this event has grown over the years and how popular it has become... every event just gets better and better and it gets more and more busy as time goes on! It has became such a popular way to spend a Saturday for drink lovers everywhere....


So when we arrived, as usual, we were greated with a Gin cocktail, this time it was a Hot Spiced Gin Punch. It was the perfect way to start as it was absolutely freezing outside and it warmed us up nicely. I just had to take a recipe card to share how to make it incase any of you wanted to try it (I would highly recommend!)
I also had a quick look at their Gin Cocktail selection that was available for purchase on the day. We got a Unicorn and a Christmas Gin Smash, both were really lovely, although I did find the Christmas one a little too sweet for me (I happily stuck to my Unicorn)

It was then time to try out the Gins and my goodness was their plenty to try. I spotted a couple of familiar names from previous Ginfall events, however most were brand new to me... and I couldn't wait to delve in. There were a total of 3 rooms, 2 rooms were full of different distillers sharing their creations and offering samples... and the 3rd room was a Tiki Rum room, which had a separate bar and rum stall filled with different types of rums.

We started with the smaller of the Gin rooms, as it was pretty quiet in there in comparison to the other rooms. Their were around 4-5 different stall in here, including a food stall offering some Mexican treats to keep your hunger at bay. 

Some of the back stories behind how the Gins became what they were were really interesting and every one was totally unique. All the distillers were extremely friendly and talkative, and were super clued up on what mixed with the gin the best, making sure to give you plenty of samples according to your taste!

We then headed into the bigger hall which was much busier and full of even more distillers. I loved trying out a lot of the new spirits available and loved all the different Christmas Gift Sets and stocking fillers that were available to buy. One of my favourites was the Tower Bridge London Dry Gin stocking filler... the bottles could be recycled into Salt and Pepper Shakers! Their was also a Gintology stall, which offered different botalnicals for your Gin to make a unique blend of flavourings so your Gin is tasted to your preference... and at only £3 a box, we of course had to pick up some boxes to try!

One of the most unique Gins I tried was at the Pickering Gins stand! They had not only their usual Gins, including Spiced and Dry, but they also had a range of Christmas Baubles for the festive season including flavours like Figgy Pudding, Plum and Ginger.... and Brussel Sprout! Yes, Brussel Sprout (I am not gonna lie, it was unique!) 
It would be such a great gift for someone at Christmas, although we simply bought it for ourselves to try! I can't wait to have some of these after a manic day at work to get some festive vibes back into my system....

The place was buzzing and the atmosphere was as ever, great! Learning about all the different Gins was really interesting and getting a chance to try all the different spirits was the perfect way to discovering some new favourites. 

The downstairs bar was a great wait to escape the hustle of the main rooms and grab a drink and a seat. There was even a live singer for a little entertainment and the opportunity to win a bunch of special gins in the Big Gin raffle (gutted not to have won, their was so many good ones!)


Although this is my 3rd visit, I can't wait to go back again next year! Although of course Gin is the main spirit available, their was also a range of rums in the Tiki room, and also some vodkas to try too, so the options are endless!

It is a great way to spend a Saturday and I couldn't recommend grabbing a ticket enough the next time a Ginfall event is in your local area!

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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Massive thank you to Damien for letting me visit the Ginfall event at no cost. Although this event was free for me, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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