My Stay at the Gleddoch Hotel and Spa

by - June 01, 2019

So quite a while back, myself and my partner found a deal on Groupon for an overnight stay at the Gleddoch hotel in Langbank and we decided to give it a go. It was just when I started to become unwell and knew it would be the perfect little escape, and give me a chance to relax and unwind a little bit. I was so impressed when I stayed and fell in love with not only the hotel itself, but its grounds too. It really was so beautiful and well worth the money... I am already excited for the chance to hopefully return at some point when I am feeling a little better.


So when we first arrived, we knew we were a bit early, however we wanted to have a wander round the grounds and take in some of the views. We were so lucky when we arrived because our room was ready early so we could drop our stuff off straight away and get going. We timed our trip perfectly too, the weather was gorgeous and made the views even more breathtaking! If you are ever visiting the hotel, it is definitely worth taking half an hour just to walk around, the views and scenery surrounding the hotel are something you don't want to miss....

Even our view from our room was amazing. We were in an Executive King Double Room, but weren't too sure what that came with. Nevertheless, the room was exquisite and the view looked out over the Clyde and outdoor Spa area, perfect for relaxing and doing your nosey!
We got back to our hotel and freshened up and decided it was time to power up with a bit of lunch so off we went to the Nineteenth Bar for some pick me up food to keep us going till dinner.

I didn't want a big meal because I knew we had an amazing dinner to look forward too that night so I decided to go with the Truffle Macaroni and let me tell you, it really was one of the best Macaroni's I have ever had (and that's coming from a Mac & Cheese obsessive)! It tasted sublime and was the perfect filler to keep me going until our delicious dinner. I mean look at it!....

We decided to recover from our lunch, we needed to chill for a bit so we relaxed in the room for a few hours and freshened up a little for dinner. We knew we wanted to visit the spa after dinner later on, so we decided to use our in room Nespresso coffee machine and watch some TV to relax for a bit. The coffee was a great little addition to the room, although it took us a while to work out how it worked as our coffee machine at home worked completely differently... nevertheless we got there in the end.

Our dinner was booked for 6.30pm and we had a great little table in the corner, that took in the amazing views and beautiful restaurant. We had a 3 course dinner from the Market menu included in our deal with a value of £26, however we could also use this credit towards items from the main menu, which we decided to do, as my appetite wasn't fully there to take advantage of a 3 course meal. I loved the fact we could use the credit this way as it's a great way to try something different on the main menu if their is something from it that takes your fancy.

Now as you can see, I devoured our meal that quickly that photos were the last thing on my mind, however I had the duck for main and my partner had the Venison, both of which tasted incredible and looked beautiful. After a break to let our dinner go down we couldn't resist a pudding. I went for the Cinnamon Peach, something I took s little risk with as it is something I wouldn't normally go for but it was a decision I was glad I made... it was super tasty and the Caramel sauce was the perfect topper. We also got the Panna Cotta, which was small but delicious, perfect if you want something a little lighter to finish...


After dinner it was time to take advantage of the spa facilities, which was the thing I was looking forward to the most. I couldn't wait to spend some time relaxing and as we had decided to go down a little later, we knew it would be a little quieter. We spent some time in the pool and as soon as the hot tub was free, we delved right in. It was great to unwind for a while and relax, especially in the hot tub, it was the perfect way to soothe any sore muscles I had. I had to be forced to leave, I really loved it and would have happily stayed longer, nevertheless we ran out of time and had to head back to our room.


After a great nights sleep in one of the comfiest beds ever, we got up nice and early to take advantage of our complimentary breakfast. It was in the same restaurant as our dinner, however was buffet style, although their was a small menu of breakfasts you were able to order if you wanted a particular thing, like Eggs Benedict etc!
I do love a good buffet brekkie and this was not a let down at all. Everything was their, including haggis and tattie scones if you wanted something unbelievably Scottish! I topped up my plate and got some coffee, along with a smoothie which they changed regularly, but mines was delicious!

After devouring our food and taking in the view of the golf course for the last time, we decided to head back home. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling 100% and would have loved to stay for a few more hours, but my body was telling me I needed to get back home and relax... and possibly cut back on the food!

I am determined to get back to the Gleddoch again for a future trip and take advantage of all the amenities they have. We missed a few of their bars and I would have loved to have tried their afternoon tea too! I am sure when I go back again that I can try all the things I missed... and I am pretty sure I will love them all too!


So what did I think? I absolutely loved my stay! The deal was such great value for money and if you are looking for a short break to escape the madness of life for a night or two, it is a great way to indulge and treat yourself. The spa is great for relaxing and I would love to try the outdoor hot tub next time, I can imagine relaxing with that view in front of you would be exquisite.

I cannot recommend this hotel enough and I am determined to get back at some point!

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