My Day at Moonpigs Fathers Day Event 2019

by - May 12, 2019

So it has been along time since I have attended any blog events due to ongoing health issues, however just a few weeks ago I was invited to Moonpigs Fathers Day event at the Cannonball Restaurant in Edinburgh and I knew I couldn't miss out, I would have dragged myself their if needs be! Moonpig are a brand I use regularly and think they offer a great and convenient service so was honoured to attend one of their highly rated events and couldn't wait to see what they had in store for everyone.
I invited my mum along with me, as my dad was unable to attend, however we both had an absolute ball and neither of us wanted to leave....


So firstly when we arrived we were offered a glass of prosecco while everyone turned up, and the chance to sit with everyone and interact. It was a great was to unwind and relax before the event began and we got chatting to a few other attendees which was lovely. After everyone arrived, we got a short presentation all about Moonpig, what they offer and some facts regarding their service which was extremely interesting. The presentation largely focused on how the relationships between father and child have changed over the past 100 years and what had changed, which was a great eye opener and really interesting to learn. However after the presentation, the fun began....

We were split into 2 groups, and sent to do some workshops. We got to do the card making first, which was the one I was very excited for as I am quite crafty and love all things cards. However this was no ordinary card session. We had the chance to be photo shopped into different scenes and backgrounds to add something extra to our cards, something which was a massive laugh and everyone really enjoyed acting out their scenes to make their photos the most fun! My mum and I decided to go for meerkats, so of course we acted out hearts out for the most effective photo (Oscar worthy I'm sure).

We then had the chance to use the photo to make a card and send it to whoever we wanted. Most people done a fathers day card, however as out card had the two of us in it, we decided to send my dad a thank you card for all he does for us. After typing in our details we sent our card off for him to receive in a few days. I am sure it will bring a smile (and probably a load of laughs with our acting) to his face!


After we finished making our cards (and a few extra photos for fum) It was lunchtime. The spread was delicious, and we had loads of different breads, meats & fish, along with a massive cheeseboard, and bowls of coleslaw and salads. It was delicious and my mum and I thoroughly enjoyed tucking in and filling ourselves up with grub!

After out lunch it was time for our group to head to the cocktail event. We worked with an Edinburgh Gin Cocktail expert to create 2 Gin based cocktails... which we got to drink afterwards, BONUS!

Our first cocktail was a Ginger and Rhubarb Highball, which I managed to get wrong (only me!). However I salvaged the situation and it tasted amazing! It used EG's new Ginger and Rhubarb Gin, and some Egg white and lemon juice to give it a little kick. It was insanely good and looked really pretty too!

Our second cocktail wasn't my favourite, it was a bit too strong for me, but it was still a lot of fun to make. We made a Perthshire Negroni, which is Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth all in equal measures. Yup, it is strong, but was fun to create and and try.... 

After filling ourselves up with cocktails, it was time for the most adventurous workshop, the food making!

I wasn't sure what to expect when they said 'food making' and I really couldn't have guessed it! We were welcomed to a table full of fresh oysters, ready for a class on how to shuck them. Yes I was surprised too but excited to try something I have never done before. After a quick lesson from the chief, it was our turn!

My mum went first and for someone who hates fish, she done a great job and was surprisingly a natural, who knew!? I wasn't as successful mind you, I really struggled but with some help and guidance from the chief, I eventually got there and managed to shuck an oyster! Neither of us like oysters, however the other guests were very happy to have them for us and enjoy them!

We then cooked and cut up some scallops, before getting a quick lesson and demonstration on how to create a cheeseboard. It looked amazing when he was finished creating the masterpiece and I really wanted to delve right in!

This photo is credited to Elouisa. Website:    Instagram: @egphotographer

After quickly finishing our cocktails, it was time to go, but not before being very generously given a goodie box each to remember our day. I had an absolute ball at the event and although I wasn't feeling great it was the best day! I couldn't wait to get home to open the box and see what was inside!

I wasn't let down, when I got home, I cracked open the box and discovered a big ha,per inside full of goodies like shortbread, fudge, chocolates, oatcakes and teabags, along with a small jar of marmalade which I cannot wait to use. It was so generous and such a nice way to remember our day at the event.


Another massive thank you to the people at @moonpig and @slcolab for inviting me along to attend the amazing Fathers Day event. My mum and I had an absolute ball, neither of us wanted the day to attend and it was so much fun to try some different things and learn something new!

If you are looking to get a special and personal card for the father figure in your life, moonpig have a huge selection to suit every personality over at It is definately worth checking out!

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