I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia...

by - March 29, 2020

Hi Again!

Its been a few weeks and its been a pretty manic one, with the whole pandemic going on, we have all been spending a lot more time at home. However being at home has gave me a lot more me time and made me think of the past year of my life. It is almost a year since I first took unwell and in that time I have been diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines, and most recently, Fibromyalgia... explaining the constant pain I have and the fatigue I suffer. It took almost a year to get the diagnose but now I have it, I can start managing it a little better and learn what works well for me, and what doesn't...

I am still coming to terms with the Fibro diagnosis, I don't know why. It is still so new to me and although I have been referred for some different services to help, I of course can't access them with everything currently going on. I know that once everything dies down a little, I can get the help I need to manage everything a little better, but until then I have learned some things that relieve the pain a little!


Heat has definitely been a huge help for me. Baths are a massive go to, especially when I use them with some muscle soak to relieve any tensions I have. Even just a quick hot shower gives me a bit of relief. I cannot wait until the summer comes around and the weather improves... I know the warmer weather will do me wonders... the cold seems to cause me much more pain for some reason.... which of course is an issue here in Scotland, not ideal!

I also went for my first professional massage a few weeks ago and oh man it was bliss. This was something the doctor had recommended and although I knew it wouldn't cure me, it would help me relax a little and alleviate the pain I have. I had a voucher to use for my local beautician and it was a game changer... I didn't realise how much tension I must carry in my shoulders. I am going to treat myself every now and again to some sort of spa treatment and make it a regular thing, it makes such a difference to how I am feeling and I really want to make it part of my routine!
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As with the Vestibular Migraines, my body gets so tired so I always take a break and rest up if my body is telling me to. It's not worth the effects if I push myself too much and can take days to feel 100% again. I know if I am going out one day to visit family, or friends, not to plan much for the next day as it can cause my pain to flare up. Or if I am going out at night, take it easy that day and try and rest so I can feel as well as possible when I head out later on. I've learned it is all about balance and although it has taken almost a year, I am finally getting it right.

When I announced my Fibro to my friends and family on social media, so many people reached out, both friends and strangers to offer support and advice. This really helped and I have already reached out to some people online who have gave me some help in dealing with the pain and anxiety. Just knowing I have people there that will be willing to listen if I need help is a relief, especially as many of them have had the same diagnosis.

Lastly and most importantly, I have put my well being first, which I should have always done, but rarely did. I always done what I thought was expected rather than what was right for me. I have reduced my hours at work and although it means I will reduce my pay, I know it will be worth it knowing I can take it a little easier. I really can't wait to reap the benefits mentally and I know it will make me happier and healthier in the long run!


It is still early days for me and I am learning to manage things now they are now. Of course things have been a little slower with the current pandemic but it has just helped me learn how to manage the pain myself and take some time for me and look after myself...

Have you been affected with Fibro and if you have, what advice would you give...

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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