REVIVAL - Scotlands first Drive in Variety Show! First Impressions.

by - August 15, 2020


So these past few months have been a little different thats for sure. Working arrangements have been affected, our lives have been put on hold and a lot of our favourite pastimes have came to a sudden stop, unable to safely operate. Although things only now are slowly starting to resume to some sort of normality, staying safe is priority, so I was so excited to be invited to the REVIVAL show, live at the Scone Palace in Perth.

REVIVAL is Scotland's first drive in variety event, offering plenty of music, comedy and magic, whilst being in the safety of your own car, so you can stick to being socially distanced. I couldn't resist heading a long to the preview day, the day before the live shows were open to the public, to see what it had to offer and if the whole concept was actually going to work! 


We arrived at the Scone Palace about 3pm, so we were a bit early, but this gave us some time to take a look around and take in the scenery of the grounds... Scone Palace for those of you who don't know is a beautiful historical building, with a lot of stunning land, so it is worth getting there a little early so you can take it all in!

We got to the area and were directed to our space. There was a great big screen, so anyone further back would still be able to see clearly what was going on and not miss out on any of the fun. It also displayed how to listen to the performance, and how to connect your radio... perfect for me as I have never attended any sort of drive in event.... it was completely new to me!

As we were there for a dress run, there was a few practice runs of the opening number, to allow the newspapers and press to get their shots... but this just got me really intrigued! I was excited to see what was on offer! It was great to see how much fun the performers were having, you could tell they were enjoying themselves... especially after being on hold for so long with our current pandemic!

Eventually, the show began! It was a fantastic mix of music, both traditional and modern, comedy, dance and a little bit of comedy magic... which we found hysterical! It was right up our street.
Clark Stewart was the host performer, and was the one who kind of kept the show flowing smoothly. Let me tell you, he done a fab job! Even with the drive in event, he managed to get everyone feeling involved and kept us smiling and laughing through the whole show! I think this is a great family experience, and would be a great few hours escape for everyone, but especially younger kids... the comedy acts are designed in particular to keep everyone amused, no matter your age!

There are plenty of dates available too, Revival has 4 shows every weekend right up to 30th August and has 2 show times of 2.30pm and 7pm, so even if you can't make a full day of it, you can head over after a day of work or running errands! Why not do what we did and take a mini picnic with some non alchoholic drinks to enjoy!?

The show ran for about 1 hour 30 mins, so if you do have smaller children, it won't be too long for them. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and was super exciting to experience something a little different, something I had never experiences before!

I have a feeling this is going to be a super popular event, and will get more popular as the weeks go on! You can pick up a ticket for £35... but can save money by using code RosieRevival10 at the checkout. Head over to REVIVAL to learn more and pick up your tickets!


A massive thank you to the Rosie Glow Production team for the invitation the the preview day, I had a blast!

Get yourself over to the link above and check them out for more information and to pick your tickets! One per car is all that is needed, so no matter how many of you there are, it is one price... perfect for you bigger families!

Thanks for reading and take care! :)

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